Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lawnswood Cemetery Again (3)

The other day on my way home I once again called in at Lawnswood Cemetery, as always I first paid my respects at my Mum and Dad`s grave then as there was a Funeral  in progress out of respect I stayed away from the chapel and  had a walk around a part of the Cemetery that I had not been in before.

General overview of this part of the Cemetery.
Here are some of my pictures (I have more)

A Chinese Angel.

At Lawnswood Cemetery Feb 2014

At Lawnswood Cemetery Feb 2014

At Lawnswood Cemetery Feb 2014


  1. The chinese angel is really interesting, a mix of Asian and European culture. All in all the cemetary is very beautiful

    1. The grave is quite new it`s just over the pathway from my parents plot and always seems to have fresh flowers on it.

  2. Replies
    1. Lawnswood Cemetery is massive it`s run/owned by Leeds city council not a church and so is quite cosmopolitan and only goes back to 1876.



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