Saturday, 1 March 2014

Alice Moving Under Skies + Dawn of Elysium + The Lost Souls

A rare Friday night out for me I went into Bradford to The Black Swan for this rather fine line up of Goth bands. The Black Swan is a pub not a club in the downtown part of the city mostly surrounded by industry or, what`s left of it in Bradford and as such there is sadly a lack of locals. There was no door charge which made this a great value night! I also kept my alcohol intake to a minimum due to driving.
The Black Swan, Bradford, their pic.
 I arrived before sound checks were done and so could watch them as well. Patrick and Ade from the Lost Souls were already at the bar (No surprise there) and another friend some joined us.
The Lost Souls
I have posted links to The lost Souls before but will say again They are a really good band, mixing the sounds of Goth and Punk Rock from the `80s maybe a bit like the Rezillos I like them and not just because they make me so welcome.
Dawn of Elysium
Next up were Dawn of Elysium, local to Bradford, although Emma also plays Bass for Leeds band Quasimodo. The more times I see them the more I like them! This was about the fourth time and I think they are great. One song stud out as my favourite but in the light of day I can`t remember the name! Sorry!
Alice Moving Under Skies
Alice Moving Under Skies, again I`ve seen them before but this sadly would be the last time as this was their final gig. Why? I don`t know, pity because once again I think they are (were) a good band. Mark from Dawn of Elysium said “See their final show here first, last) and someone shouted “And Always” If they wanted to out with a bang they did. A great way to round off the night and their time together.

All I had to do then was get The Lost Souls home, been the only one sober and with a car. Oh I forgot to tell them it`s like a van and someone has to sit on my rakes in the back!! Hooowww


  1. The Black Swan ... what a perfect pub name! It's nice that the bands make you feel so welcome, to the point where you get to be their Designated Driver! LOL

    1. Yes Paddy from The Lost souls first started talking to me last year, because I was in the club on my own, and so I have tried to follow them. We have become friends. Because they only play for the fun of it they have no egos. So really that is the TRUE spirit of “Rock `n` Roll” to me.

    2. No egos ... that's a rare thing these days, isn't it? Sounds like a great bunch. :)



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