Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Leeds Steampunk Market at Armley Mills

  So Sunday and day three of what turned out to be one of my best weekends in a very long time. Armley Mills is known now-a- days as Leeds Industrial Museum, and is well worth a visit any day featuring machinery and scenes from our industrial heritage.

The Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Armley Mills.
It made a truly impressive backdrop for the Steampunk Market.
Armley Mills Leeds

Although I do not pretend to understand the Steampunk thing, [I refer to it as a thing, unlike Goth which is referred to as a Culture or Sub-culture.] I do like to look around the stalls every so often
The stalls ranged from selling posters and clothes to one telling about the dangers of Ray Guns !?!? And all done in the best possible taste

Leeds Steampunk Market, Pic from Beverley Thornton
One of the things (Sorry that word again) that I do like is the amount of Tea that seems to be drunk at these events I also like and use the phrase when asked “One Milk, One Sugar” please

Me in Armley Mills.
So quite a weekend indeed!


  1. Is the steampunk market a recurring event? It's a perfect place for it. I'm very interested in industrial history as well. The area I live in is built on mining and steelmills.

    1. I believe the Markets are held 2 or3 times a year in Leeds and they are using the Mill again.

  2. Delighted you had a good time, I will be having another weekend of steampunk shenanigans on 11th and 12th October.

    1. I`ve put that in my diary Jo Dee, and welcome to my Blog.


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