Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rhombus + Last July

So following on from last night in Bradford it was Leeds’s turn to keep me entertained tonight with my monthly visit to Flock. I arrived bang on 7:30 but our room was not open yet, so I braved the massed students in the downstairs bar and got a pint of Hobgoblin. I joined a group of Goths at a table waiting to be able to move upstairs. Once in our room the atmosphere was more to our liking and pretty soon the first band was taking to the stage.

Last July
I had not seen Last July before; they are a UK based Dark Romantic band, featuring ex-members of Rome Burns and All Living Fear. Some question their Gothness but I have seen a lot less “Goth” bands here! Anyway they were brilliant and I am now a fan. In to the Void was a song that I practically liked and I could remember the name of 2 days later.

A quick turn round on stage and it was the turn of Rhombus, well known to many not just around their native Yorkshire but have a worldwide following after their tour last year. I`d last seen them in December but this is a better venue with a much better sound. I love; 4472 about (Or not) the Flying Scotchman Steam engine, Here Be Dragons, Lightning Strikes Twice, Open the Sky, Anywhere and my personal favourites are Into the Rain and What You Wanted. Or basically I love them.

After the bands comes the club night and Paul and Howard started off with a few songs that I liked but did not know, this gave me the chance to say a quick “Hello” to Olivia and  Valerian from Bad Pollyanna who had come for a night out before their biggest gig to date at Liverpool O2 on Wednesday. I wish I could make that one, but such is the life of an Eldergoth. Back to the records, and Paul played 5 I love in a row! Transmission (Joy Division) Public Image (PIL) Song About You (The Last Cry) Walk Away (Sisters) and No Rest (New Model Army) Wow I remembered!! Sadly the clock had moved around to my home time

4472 Flying Scotchman
Two brilliant nights out in quick succession and still a treat to come on Sunday



  1. I was hoping to see Last July in Whitby October '12 but missed it. Missed them again. XD I have to get out of town more.

    1. Hi Aelf you can find out what is going on in Leeds at Flock by joining it`s Facebook group here….



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