Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Grandparents Grave

I have a waiting list of cemeteries that I have visited and mean to write a Blog on, but you`ll see why this one jumped the queue.
Holy Trinity Church Meanwood
On Friday I was working in a part of Leeds that I don`t often, and I realised that I was not far from where my Grandparents are buried at Holy Trinity Church Meanwood. So after I had finished I drove down to the Church and had a look around for their grave.

The Entrance Holy Trinity Church Meanwood
It took quite a while but it is located by the wall north of the Church almost now under a Holly tree and covered in fallen leaves.

My Grandparents Grave as found
I am a gardener and had my tools in the car so I soon tidied the area up and pruned the Holly tree. I also went out and got some flowers.

My Grandparents Grave, after
But I was totally horrified to see the date of my Grandmother’s dearth was wrong by ten years, and I`m not sure how I go about getting it altered?

The headstone reads,
In Loving Memory of A Dear Husband and Father
Who died 19th May 1959 Aged 63 Years.
Till We Meet Again.
Ethel May Appleby 1901 – 1986

Which should have been 1976.

I think that  it was not until 1986 that my Grandmother’s name was added. My farther just never seemed to get around to those things.

Holy Trinity Church Meanwood
The Cemetery is very over grown with some graves been overtaken by trees and wild bluebells. I guess the church just does not have the money or staff to look after the grounds.

Holy Trinity Church Meanwood
Holy Trinity Church Meanwood is a grade II listed building. The architect was William Railton (1801-1877). He was Architect to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners from 1838-1848 and also designed Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London, 1839-1842. He practised from Regent Street, London The clock was added in 1850 - designed by Edmund Beckett Denison, QC, MP (who later became the 1st Baron Grimthorpe in 1886)


  1. It looks like a very picturesque cemetery and the blue bells add a very nice dimension to it. It's unfortunate that the church is no longer able to maintain it properly. This seems to be a growing problem in many places, including where I live.

    1. It is a stark difference to the council maintained cemeteries of Lawnswood and Rawdon in Leeds. Also from the churches of small towns and villages that I like to visit.

  2. Oh no, that might be a mistake that's hard to correct, written in stone like that! It is a beautiful headstone though ... so much nicer than the flat things we have to buy over here. Unless you're really rich. :)

    1. Like the pun! Although I never knew my Granddad, I know he wasn`t rich. Maybe in 1959 Gravestones were relatively cheaper than today. But my Grandmother must have really loved him. I was born 2 months and 4 days later, so it must have been a very stressful time for my family.

    2. Births and deaths always seem to come close together like that, don't they?



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