Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Kirkstall festival 2014

This festival had been in my diary for a few months, in fact I more or less since last year`s one and of cause I am on the Tia Greyhound Rescue stall. It can be very hectic at times and with the stalls really squashed in, you get 3 metres and that’s it!
Tia at Kirkstall festival 2014 pic from Phil Grimshaw
Apart from my doggie friends and their owners I also met up with a few general friends and even folk I know from the Goth scene including the people from Soho clothes shop in Leeds, who now are the official stockist of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation merchandise. It was good to see the charity been represented here.

Tia at Kirkstall festival 2014 pic from Phil Grimshaw
Of cause there were all the usual shows, stalls, food, music etc. going on all around and I had quick walk around a couple of times but with all the crowds I didn`t many photos.

Tia at Kirkstall festival 2014
Unfortunately we were next to a political party. However they gave us the funniest line of the day, they were bribing people with balloons and food but one of the helpers said to a passer- by “Would you like Fruit Cake?” I had to walk well away with hand over mouth to stop myself from laughing out loud.

Tia at Kirkstall festival 2014
Till next year then.

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  1. Awwww, the dogs! Best part of the whole festival, I bet? :)



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