Friday, 11 July 2014

The Abbey Inn Music and Beer Festival 2014

My friends The Lost Souls invited me to this; they were playing at 5:00. This has been one of the nicest week`s weather wise and so a Beer Festival was just the thing to round off the working week.  
The Lost Souls at The Abbey Inn Beer Festival
It is a long time since I had been in the Newlay district of Leeds. To get there I had to cross both the Leeds ring road and the river Aire so with Friday tea time traffic this had to be done more with good luck than planning in the event the route I chose to take was not too bad and I arrived with plenty of time to say hello to Ade and Patrick, buy some tokens for Beer, and then get some.

The Lost Souls, Ade
I was confronted with a choice of about 50 beers, ciders and other things to drink, I asked the host for help. “A dark mild type please” How strong? “Not too I`m driving” And a lovely pint was poured.

The Lost Souls, Patrick
The Lost Souls took to the stage and were brilliant as always they had a long set and so put in a few covers to appease a different crowd I am sure they have gained new fans.

Choice of about 50 beers at The Abbey Inn Beer Festival
My tokens for 3 pints soon seemed to disappear down my throat and so after about half of the next bands set I decided it would be time to head home rather than drink anymore and drive.

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