Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tour de France Aftermath

The Tour de France, which started in Yorkshire last week, may be coming just a memory to most now, but today I had my first dealings with the damage it left in its wake. The race went along the A59, just a few hundred yards from my favourite house/ garden
Tour de France Aftermath Lock chain broken on gates
The gate into the adjoining wood where the filter bed for the house`s sewage is had its lock chain broken I guess cars had gone in there as well!

Tour de France Aftermath Grass verges left rutted.
I keep the small lane tidy and cut the grass verges these are sort with the recent wet weather and had been deeply rutted with cars parking on them.

Tour de France Aftermath
People must have needed a toilet and with nothing available they must have decided to go in the woodland.

Tour de France Aftermath Fences broken in several places
Paths had been made from the roadside and the fence has been broken in several places.

Tour de France Aftermath paper plates everywhere
The roadside was scattered with litter and paper plates,

Tour de France Aftermath even a pair of sandals left on the bridge wall!
But the most surprising thing was a pair of sandals left on the bridge wall!

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