Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dead Eyes Opened + Grassby & Walker + Dawn of Elysium at Carpe Noctum, Leeds

So after last night`s gig no time for a thick head because I first had to do the Granddad bit! So over to the other side of town to play, or rather watch Lego Batman Xbox game, or something?

Dawn of Elysium
Back home and a quick meal and change but too late for the bus, if it comes, so there won`t be much drink tonight. I had a pleasant surprise when I entered the Library, down stairs was just about empty. The students have not come back yet, it`s quite a decent pub without them in. Our room was not open yet so I got a shandy and joined a couple of Goths, who I only knew by sight at a table, till Howard (The DJ and promoter) told us they were ready. Upstairs I joined members of Dawn of Elysium till it was time for them to take to the stage.

Dawn of Elysium
Dawn of Elysium are from Bradford, which more or less joins on to Leeds, I have seen them a few times before and every time love them more. Doused in Green is great as is At the Sky, but the song that I REALLY LOVE is Lost and Found, you can find it here on Sound cloud nearly seven minutes of pure Gothic magic, deep compelling haunting load and quiet drums, guitars and Alec`s vocals. Or to put it another way simply brilliant.

3 bits of Rhombus
So who could follow that? Grassby & Walker from Rhombus with the help of newest band member Andy Holmes, Tonight was an acoustic set and covered a fair selection of their catalogue my favourites  been as always :- 4472, Almost Everything, Here by Dragons and of course Anywhere, to which I seemed to be the only one doing the moves.

Dead Eyes Opened
Then came the fantastic Dead Eyes Opened, from Scotland. Once again I managed to get to the front for this. I have seen Dead Eyes Opened before both locally and last year down in Reading at the Sacrosanct Goth Festival (This years is only 3 weeks away) The singer- Spooks as a look of Bowie c late 80`s. They played songs from their album Tyrants and some new stuff which I liked, but cannot remember the names of so my favourites are My Sanity, Tuan`s Day, MV and Believe. I was sorry that they did not play Beautiful and Brave. Still you can`t have everything. Find it here

Dead Eyes Opened
After the show I decided to buy a T shirt and was talking to Spooks they are going to tour Germany later this year, he`d noticed me dancing at the front and I said I`d pay for it on Monday with my knees.

Dead Eyes Opened
I stayed for a few records but headed home before I was tempted to drink anymore. Another Great night out, Thanks to Howard and all the bands…..I love you all.

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