Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Forbidden Corner

Last Friday we went to The Forbidden Corner. This is a “Tourist Attraction” in the Yorkshire Dales, which quoting their website “is a unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises created within a four acre garden in the heart of Tupgill Park. The temple of the underworld, the eye of the needle, a huge pyramid made of translucent glass, paths and passages that lead nowhere, extraordinary statues – at every turn there are decisions to make and tricks to avoid. This is a day out with a difference which will challenge and delight adults and children of all ages.”
At The Forbidden Corner
As an Eldergoth, one likes to overdress for any occasion. So I decided clumpy boots, top hat and dress coat were to be the order of the day. I found the boots great for the damp parts but, my top hat was not ideal for the low ceilings.  

Me at The Forbidden Corner
A visit here had been on our bucket list for years, but I’d never remembered to pre-book the tickets until now. We were welcomed into the shop and tearoom and given map / guild, and then let loose in the four acres of semi wild yet well cared-for garden.

At The Forbidden Corner
The Follies and tunnels were an ideal place for photos. I loved the mix of Hollywood Gothic Architecture (not trying to be real) pointy arches, statues and stonework. The gardens within the garden were interesting and romantic.

At The Forbidden Corner
So with an appreciation of the construction and concept of the folly and garden as part of our historic legacy of the great country estates I enjoyed it all on so many levels (pun intended)

At The Forbidden Corner
Well worth a visit if you are in this part of the world …. Literacy as I know this is read worldwide.

Me at The Forbidden Corner
Visit their Website here

At The Forbidden Corner

At The Forbidden Corner

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Quasimodo + Dawn of Elysium + AMereKat, At The Fox and Newt, Leeds

I`m a bit late in posting this, but last Friday I decided to use the bus and made my way to The Fox and Newt pub in Leeds. The bus stop was only about 300 yards away from the pub, but the walk included a climb up well over 100 steps, I thought I was in Whitby going to the Abbey!
The Fox and Newt brews some of its own beers, I like ‘Brickyard’ …………. Too much as it happened! 
Upstairs into the music room and was greeted by Joel from Quasimodo. It`s always a nice start to the evening when you get a good welcome, but maybe that`s what Gothic is.

The night`s opening act was AMereKat. A solo artist who plays the Ukulele and signs songs out of genre for a ukulele. This made a real change and I really like the set, one to look out for. Listen here

Dawn of Elysium
Next up after going back to the bar for more Brickyard, was Bradford Goth band Dawn of Elysium
Seen these quite a bit lately in my view they`ve really got the sound, I love them, and they are nice people as well see them on Youtube here.. Smoke and Mirrors is one of my favourites as is Lost and Found

Quasimodo  was the night`s headliners. Local to Leeds and once again I`ve seen them a good few times and I will keep coming back for more. Slightly more upbeat than Dawn of Elysium, but still Goth enough for me. My favourites are Solder of Love, He`s put a Bomb in the House of Love and Under the Whip here
The night seemed to fly past. Great music,  great beer and all set in a proper pub with people you can call friends what more could you ask?

Walking back for the bus down all them steps the beer seemed to hit me. I had to cross a duel-carriageway luckily there were no cars but the central reservation was planted with shrubs witch was wet with the rain. I remember thinking well at least I know the names of what I`m walking on. Oh dear, and my head hurt on Saturday morning.

Friday, 10 October 2014

You Can`t Hide Things Form The Gardener

In a seemingly quiet cul-de-sac in Bramhope I do work at 6 out of the 9 gardens, one of my clients had gone on holiday. Leaving their 16 year old daughter at home, she decided to have a party! My clients on each side of that one told me this as soon as I got out of my car, they also said there was about 40 teenagers at it and they were running up the street and behind the Oak tree (presumably to do what I do behind it), and warned me that they did not know “What I may find”.
What I did find whilst raking up leafs was a small plastic self-seal bag about 1 ½ inches square. I showed this to my clients, who had no idea what it was for until I explained it was a ‘Dealers Bag’ and would have contained some sort of illegal drugs! This did not go down well in middle class Bramhope.

Remember: - You might be able to keep things from your parents, even the neighbours but NOT the Gardener!

I strongly believe that when people go to clubs and have to take drugs to enjoy themselves, then they’ve gone to the wrong club.

In other news had to get a new lawn mower. It`s black, and so is quite me!

I might have to alter that to Heart, Dark or Waste ---- land

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sacrosanct 2014 Part 3 Sunday

Sunday morning two cups of coffee and a tin of Relentless while the family went swimming, on their return then it was watching the Lego movie. Such is the complex life of an Eldergoth. My step son treated us all to a lovely lunch at a rather posh restaurant, my grandson is really well-behaved. The afternoon was spent in the play park playing on the swings and slides.
Train to Reading, walk to the venue but stopped at The Butler for quick beer. Inside were Joel and Martin. I followed them outside and joined Andrew from The Last Cry with Stephen Carey from The Eden House. It was decided to go up to the Face Bar, but when there we were told it was not open yet so we all returned for another drink. (I still owe Stephen one) then once again we all marched up to Sacrosanct again.
Me with Andrew birch, Stephen Carey, Joel etc. (Not my pic.)
What with putting away two pints a bit quicker than planned and still feeling it a bit from last night I found a seat at the side of the room for the first two bands; Dru Amelia who were great and I made a note to listen more to. And Nine Day Decline, from London and played a really solid Post Punk set. Next up Soror Dolorosa from Paris, France. Very good too.

Tins of dog food and toys for the local dog rescue home (Not my pic.)
Pictures from tonight were even worse than normal and so I will not put them here, there is a link on day 2 blog.
I found the catering and ordered a burger as it was been cooked to order I went back inside to sit in the back room and waited, and waited and waited finally it was ready. In a way I glad that the only low spot of the weekend was this. I missed part of Sweet Ermengarde, but I liked what I did see.

Vendemmian, somewhere behind the balloons
Then came Vendemmian, sadly there last gig, but what away to go out. Totally fantastic and mad, we had balloons and blow up toys which we though all around over people`s heads. After the second song the singer Mark asked “How did we get to this, we started off as a sensible Goth band, now it`s fun.” And that is what it`s all about.

To say I never wanted the weekend to end was an understatement, but sadly it came to that. A walk back to the train station and home to my family, but still my head was at Sacrosanct and it took three days to come back to reality.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sacrosanct 2014 Part 2

So Saturday Morning, and a seven o`clock wake up thanks to my grandson. I went back to sleep again! Every 20 minutes a train passes at the bottom of his garden. I went back to sleep again and again etc.
Eventually I got up, had 2 cups of coffee and sat outside.  Chris had taken it on herself to weed and tidy their garden, later we walked into town and had some lunch but I can`t remember much about Saturday till it was time to get ready for Sacrosanct, tonight it was a five-thirty start with five bands on.
Pic from Lorena Malone via Facebook, thanks, that’s me in the middle of shot.
First up were Saigon Blue Rain, They give us a great set. Followed by Siiiii from Sheffield, a good Yorkshire band there. Next came Lotus Feed, brilliant.
Not many pictures tonight, sorry you can find loads here…
Lotus Feed
For weeks I had been really looking forward to The Last Cry, I`ve seen a few times but not enough. Because it was so hot, and I was not in a familiar place I had decided to stay near the back and just nod my head and tap my feet to the music. That did not happen!!!!
The Last Cry
I found myself near the front and from the moment they struck the first cord I was gone, I danced uncontrollably to “Song About”. I was having a fantastic time, to me, The Last Cry are beyond words! But I became hotter and hotter, during “Falling Away” I could feel my own heart beating faster than the music! My beer wasn`t cooling me down I thought I was about to explode or have a heart attack I should have gone outside to cool down, but I though I`ll die somewhere it might as well be where I`m happy.  So I carried on dancing.  The set few by, I looked round at said to the DJ Martin “I`m getting to old for this” I went outside to cool down and with another bottle of cold beer soon felt OK again. 

The Last Cry  Pic not mine, found on Facebook, thanks
Although Nosferatu were the night`s headliners and a great band, for me it takes a lot to follow The Last Cry.

I had intended to stay late for Nostalgia the club night by Martin Oldgoth that he normally does at Whitby Goth Weekend, but with the bands running late and still feeling exhausted from the heat and dancing I left for my son`s and so I got a taxi back.

This must have been one of the best nights of my life!

More to follow………

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sacrosanct 2014 Part 1 Friday

So at last it`s near the end of September, that means Sacrosanct in Reading, England. I am very lucky that my step son and family live close to Reading and I can combine the Festival with a week with them, and it also means they will keep my wife occupied whilst I am at the Festival.

We had a quite good journey down and arrived at our son`s house in time to unload the car and have a quick cup of tea before going to pick up our grandson from nursery. Then just time for a quick play before I had to get ready and catch the train to Reading.

Not my pic,` cos it`s of me taking a pic thanks.
Sacrosanct is held at The Face Bar, but almost next door is The Butler pub where a lot go for a pre gig drink,  I joined in this and met Shaun who came down from York. I him know a bit so we talked whilst drinking, then on to the Face Bar.

Once inside Joel, form Leeds band Quasimodo came and said “hi” so most of the weekend we talked on and off. All in all I was quite surprised how many people I knew so far from home.
I have photos, but not all are mine!

Now the bands. My memory is just not up to reviewing each band one by one I will just say that without exception ALL were great!

Here is the full list

Friday 26th September
Saturday 27th September
Sunday 28th September

The time for me to leave came all too soon, I had to get the last train, which I did. But on the last bit of road to my son`s I tripped over something, fell ripped my trousers and gashed my knee! It had going so well up till then!
More to follow

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