Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Quasimodo + Dawn of Elysium + AMereKat, At The Fox and Newt, Leeds

I`m a bit late in posting this, but last Friday I decided to use the bus and made my way to The Fox and Newt pub in Leeds. The bus stop was only about 300 yards away from the pub, but the walk included a climb up well over 100 steps, I thought I was in Whitby going to the Abbey!
The Fox and Newt brews some of its own beers, I like ‘Brickyard’ …………. Too much as it happened! 
Upstairs into the music room and was greeted by Joel from Quasimodo. It`s always a nice start to the evening when you get a good welcome, but maybe that`s what Gothic is.

The night`s opening act was AMereKat. A solo artist who plays the Ukulele and signs songs out of genre for a ukulele. This made a real change and I really like the set, one to look out for. Listen here https://soundcloud.com/amerekat

Dawn of Elysium
Next up after going back to the bar for more Brickyard, was Bradford Goth band Dawn of Elysium
Seen these quite a bit lately in my view they`ve really got the sound, I love them, and they are nice people as well see them on Youtube here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skte02liNZA Smoke and Mirrors is one of my favourites as is Lost and Found

Quasimodo  was the night`s headliners. Local to Leeds and once again I`ve seen them a good few times and I will keep coming back for more. Slightly more upbeat than Dawn of Elysium, but still Goth enough for me. My favourites are Solder of Love, He`s put a Bomb in the House of Love and Under the Whip here  
The night seemed to fly past. Great music,  great beer and all set in a proper pub with people you can call friends what more could you ask?

Walking back for the bus down all them steps the beer seemed to hit me. I had to cross a duel-carriageway luckily there were no cars but the central reservation was planted with shrubs witch was wet with the rain. I remember thinking well at least I know the names of what I`m walking on. Oh dear, and my head hurt on Saturday morning.


  1. It's nice to have options, and you seem to have many when it comes to hearing live goth bands. I'm glad the scene is still doing well over there across the pond.

    1. I don`t seem to do too bad for Gothic nights out. This weekend is Whitby Goth Weekend, but I can`t make it. Loads of my Facebook friends are there and that seems to make me miss it more. Still next Saturday there`s an Expelaires gig in Leeds. (My hometown) and I should be there.



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