Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sacrosanct 2014 Part 2

So Saturday Morning, and a seven o`clock wake up thanks to my grandson. I went back to sleep again! Every 20 minutes a train passes at the bottom of his garden. I went back to sleep again and again etc.
Eventually I got up, had 2 cups of coffee and sat outside.  Chris had taken it on herself to weed and tidy their garden, later we walked into town and had some lunch but I can`t remember much about Saturday till it was time to get ready for Sacrosanct, tonight it was a five-thirty start with five bands on.
Pic from Lorena Malone via Facebook, thanks, that’s me in the middle of shot.
First up were Saigon Blue Rain, They give us a great set. Followed by Siiiii from Sheffield, a good Yorkshire band there. Next came Lotus Feed, brilliant.
Not many pictures tonight, sorry you can find loads here…
Lotus Feed
For weeks I had been really looking forward to The Last Cry, I`ve seen a few times but not enough. Because it was so hot, and I was not in a familiar place I had decided to stay near the back and just nod my head and tap my feet to the music. That did not happen!!!!
The Last Cry
I found myself near the front and from the moment they struck the first cord I was gone, I danced uncontrollably to “Song About”. I was having a fantastic time, to me, The Last Cry are beyond words! But I became hotter and hotter, during “Falling Away” I could feel my own heart beating faster than the music! My beer wasn`t cooling me down I thought I was about to explode or have a heart attack I should have gone outside to cool down, but I though I`ll die somewhere it might as well be where I`m happy.  So I carried on dancing.  The set few by, I looked round at said to the DJ Martin “I`m getting to old for this” I went outside to cool down and with another bottle of cold beer soon felt OK again. 

The Last Cry  Pic not mine, found on Facebook, thanks
Although Nosferatu were the night`s headliners and a great band, for me it takes a lot to follow The Last Cry.

I had intended to stay late for Nostalgia the club night by Martin Oldgoth that he normally does at Whitby Goth Weekend, but with the bands running late and still feeling exhausted from the heat and dancing I left for my son`s and so I got a taxi back.

This must have been one of the best nights of my life!

More to follow………


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