Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sacrosanct 2014 Part 3 Sunday

Sunday morning two cups of coffee and a tin of Relentless while the family went swimming, on their return then it was watching the Lego movie. Such is the complex life of an Eldergoth. My step son treated us all to a lovely lunch at a rather posh restaurant, my grandson is really well-behaved. The afternoon was spent in the play park playing on the swings and slides.
Train to Reading, walk to the venue but stopped at The Butler for quick beer. Inside were Joel and Martin. I followed them outside and joined Andrew from The Last Cry with Stephen Carey from The Eden House. It was decided to go up to the Face Bar, but when there we were told it was not open yet so we all returned for another drink. (I still owe Stephen one) then once again we all marched up to Sacrosanct again.
Me with Andrew birch, Stephen Carey, Joel etc. (Not my pic.)
What with putting away two pints a bit quicker than planned and still feeling it a bit from last night I found a seat at the side of the room for the first two bands; Dru Amelia who were great and I made a note to listen more to. And Nine Day Decline, from London and played a really solid Post Punk set. Next up Soror Dolorosa from Paris, France. Very good too.

Tins of dog food and toys for the local dog rescue home (Not my pic.)
Pictures from tonight were even worse than normal and so I will not put them here, there is a link on day 2 blog.
I found the catering and ordered a burger as it was been cooked to order I went back inside to sit in the back room and waited, and waited and waited finally it was ready. In a way I glad that the only low spot of the weekend was this. I missed part of Sweet Ermengarde, but I liked what I did see.

Vendemmian, somewhere behind the balloons
Then came Vendemmian, sadly there last gig, but what away to go out. Totally fantastic and mad, we had balloons and blow up toys which we though all around over people`s heads. After the second song the singer Mark asked “How did we get to this, we started off as a sensible Goth band, now it`s fun.” And that is what it`s all about.

To say I never wanted the weekend to end was an understatement, but sadly it came to that. A walk back to the train station and home to my family, but still my head was at Sacrosanct and it took three days to come back to reality.

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