Friday, 10 October 2014

You Can`t Hide Things Form The Gardener

In a seemingly quiet cul-de-sac in Bramhope I do work at 6 out of the 9 gardens, one of my clients had gone on holiday. Leaving their 16 year old daughter at home, she decided to have a party! My clients on each side of that one told me this as soon as I got out of my car, they also said there was about 40 teenagers at it and they were running up the street and behind the Oak tree (presumably to do what I do behind it), and warned me that they did not know “What I may find”.
What I did find whilst raking up leafs was a small plastic self-seal bag about 1 ½ inches square. I showed this to my clients, who had no idea what it was for until I explained it was a ‘Dealers Bag’ and would have contained some sort of illegal drugs! This did not go down well in middle class Bramhope.

Remember: - You might be able to keep things from your parents, even the neighbours but NOT the Gardener!

I strongly believe that when people go to clubs and have to take drugs to enjoy themselves, then they’ve gone to the wrong club.

In other news had to get a new lawn mower. It`s black, and so is quite me!

I might have to alter that to Heart, Dark or Waste ---- land


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    1. Thanks Sylvie, sometimes it`s the simplest ones that come out the best.

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    1. Haha, but it'll not that know everything more like I seem to know what goes on around me.

  3. Well done! Drugs are devastating!
    The lawn mower is perfect :-D

    1. Thanks, Yes and the lawn mower is getting run in now, but not yet used it on a dry lawn!!



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