Thursday, 29 January 2015

Does The Green Gothess Need a Bit of Woodwork ?

I wonder what the Green Gothess would look like with a bit of woodwork?

The Green Gothess
Hopefully something like this Morris Minor 1000? 

Pic NOT mine, found on Google
Not that I`d know how to do it.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

When Your Angel Becomes A Stranger

I garden for a lovely elderly couple (I won`t use their names) who are both well into their 80’s. Up until just recently have had a happy and full life together. However now “Mrs X” is beginning to show more and more signs of dementia, so much so she has had tests and on Monday they went for the results. 

As “Mr X” was telling me this, there was one song playing unstoppably in my head, a song that already holds personal memories of when my closest relative life was irreversibly changed by illness the drugs used to treat her.

Here are some of the songs words In Blue and my interruption of them in this case.
And yes I believe in what we had  (60 odd years together)
But words got in the way (The dementia)
And only yesterday, As I was leaving (To take you to the medical centre)
But I`ve Heard a million conversations Going where they've been before
(Repeating things)
And all I know for sure, All I know for real, Is knowing doesn't mean so much
(It been diagnosed doesn`t make any difference)

And I know the world is cold but if you hold on tight to what you find  (I`ll look after you)
You might not mind too much though
Even this must pass away and
Memories may last for years but
Names are just for souvenirs
(Reinstating his unconditional love for her regardless of this)

In the final verse of the song, the addressee changes from “Angel” to “Some kind of Stranger”

Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Review of 2014

A bit late but here we are…..
Best / Favourite
The Forbidden Corner
Day Out. ~ The Forbidden Corner


New Place (City) I Visited. ~ Oxford

Skelton Tower, Levisham

New Place (Countryside) I Visited. ~ Skelton Tower, Levisham, North Yorkshire.

Cemetery. ~ St. Leonard’s church at Chapel-le-Dale.   
Music Festival. ~ Sacrosanct.
Festival / show, with Tia Greyhound Rescue. ~ Arthington Show.
Arthington Show, with Tia Greyhound Rescue.

 Purchase ~ a small PA system; you can plug anything into it, Laptop, CD player, phone, guitar and mic. It cost less than hiring a DJ for my wife`s birthday party and I have used it quite a lot for fun, but at home have only ever got volume up 6.
Ticked off The Bucket List. ~ Having my pic on Goths up Trees. 

Here`s to 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

National Media Museum, Bradford

A couple of weeks ago we visited The National Media Museum, in Bradford. I`m not really one for Museums but I found this very interesting.
At the National Media Museum, Bradford
Over 6 floors in a modern, air conditioned building it did not feel stuffy at all.

At the National Media Museum, Bradford
There are early cameras, radios and TV props, some of which I remembered, some not.
At the National Media Museum, Bradford
It was free entry, but you do have to pay  at the car park !
At the National Media Museum, Bradford
  Here is a link to their website
The Wombles National Media Museum, Bradford

A Dalek at the National Media Museum

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cemetery Stone Angels

Some more pictures of Stone Angels I don`t think I`ve shown these ones before from Lawnswood cemetery.

Lawnswood cemetery, Leeds

Lawnswood cemetery, Leeds

Lawnswood cemetery, Leeds

Lawnswood cemetery, Leeds

Lawnswood cemetery, Leeds

Monday, 12 January 2015

Bloody Bradford

Regular readers will know that I have `History` with Bradford Law, (See here ). This time they got me, well the wife actually.
Pic from Google
We went to the National Media Museum, in Bradford on Saturday, parked in the car park, I had a look for a ticket machine, could not see one, looked in the car parked next to ours to see if they had a ticket, no, so we went in (Report and my pics to follow)

Pic from Google
When we got back in the car there was a parking ticket on the windscreen with a fine for £50. For not buying a ticket!! 

Still….. They never did take me alive

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I`m so Goth, automatic doors do not open for me.


A Makro store like the one I use. Pic from Google
I think this first happened in Makro, a large wholesaler in Leeds, and I just thought that the doors were not working right. But it was at Harrogate General Hospital that I saw the doors open for other people, I followed the door did not open and I straight into it bouncing back and nearly falling to the floor. Since then I noticed it happened a lot to me!

Pic from Google

Monday, 5 January 2015

Car`s MOT Test.

The Green Gothess had its MOT test today and it was bad news.
The Green Gothess
2 new tyres, track rod ends and rear brake caliper (Whatever that is?) Add to that the service and related parts, and it needed 2 new tailgate struts.

Not sure the car is worth this cost?

The Green Gothess
Still save on income tax as it's a works vehicle  

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