Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I`m so Goth, automatic doors do not open for me.


A Makro store like the one I use. Pic from Google
I think this first happened in Makro, a large wholesaler in Leeds, and I just thought that the doors were not working right. But it was at Harrogate General Hospital that I saw the doors open for other people, I followed the door did not open and I straight into it bouncing back and nearly falling to the floor. Since then I noticed it happened a lot to me!

Pic from Google


  1. While I was amused by your post and thought it was cute, I really do hope you didn't hurt yourself!

  2. It has happened to me too! Soo, it was my black figure that didn't made the sensors responding.

    1. That could explain it, but still awkward either when you can`t get in or out or when you`re thinking will it, or won`t it ?


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