Sunday, 22 February 2015

Quasimodo + The Black Riders Cult + AMereKat at Bad Apples Rock Bar, Leeds

A bit of history, there is an area of downtown central Leeds called The Calls back in wartime and just after there were 2 or 3 murders a week around it with the bodies found floating in the River Aire. In the late 70’s I used to regularly go to a Punk Club on Call Lane. This somewhat worried my parents. Like most big cities, Leeds as undergone vast modernisation around the old rundown parts and now some areas around the river is quite upmarket.
Bad Apples address is Call Lane, and although I once knew it, it took me 20 minutes and asking 3 Doormen outside other venues to find it.

AMereKat (Pic stolen from Goth City Promotions)
This as to be one of the smallest pubs I have ever been in, but once inside I heard music coming from a downstairs room, I followed. Sure enough I was greeted by Joel from Quasimodo and other friends. AMereKat was already on stage; with getting lost I missed half her set. Here is a link to her latest offering called Anarchy in the Ukulele.

In Bad Apples Rock Bar,
In the middle of the dance floor was this,   err grave!

The Black Riders Cult
Next up were Sheffield Goth band The Black Riders Cult, new to me I had looked them up on SoundCloud and liked what I`d heard. On stage they did not disappoint. Meaningful Bass and Guitars over, but not out drowning darkly sung lyrics and just to confirm (As if needed) where they`re coming from a couple of covers for good measure ~ Anaconda by the Sisters and Iggy Pop`s I Wanna be Your Dog. A great set. I want more and luckily they are back in Leeds next Month. As a new fan I`ll be there. Have a listen here

Top of the Bill were Quasimodo and once again Joel, David and Emma where on great form. Upbeat yet dark, full power head on Goth from three fine musicians  who are also friendly people. Goth Rock how it should be, from its birthplace, played in its birthplace, Leeds. Catch them here, if you live out of town

A great night, I look forward to more here soon.


  1. I'm envious - the only live music we get around here is country. Bleh.

    I was driving in the car the other day and heard a song by a group called Mother Mother, and thought 'that's the group App'y went to see a while ago!' Was it or did I get it wrong? I couldn't find the post to check, so I'm guessing I'm probably totally wrong. ;)

    1. No not one of mine, in fact I`ve just googled them and they are from Quadra Island, Canada.

  2. It's great to read about a place were real goth rock is still alive.

    1. I love going to small venues. I`m lucky that there are so many in my hometown, Leeds. These pubs have a wonderful feel to them. It was not full, but the ‘Right’ people were there.

  3. Out here in LA, I get to go to many concerts, but most of the venues feel artificial. There's too many damned hipsters in California.
    That pub looks like it has a lot of soul and history. You're pretty lucky.

    1. Thanks, the pub is err rather unique, I don't know who the skeleton is / was. We do have hipsters here but if you stick to the smaller events you can avoid them.


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