Monday, 30 March 2015

A day of two extremes

We had planned to go to the Spring Fairy Market at Cottingley on Saturday.

Spring Fairy Market at Cottingley
These are such wonderful events full of interesting people and stalls selling homemade crafted items in a magical setting. But at the last minute we were invited to our granddaughter`s second birthday party.

Pic from Fairy Market FB page
Part One, Afternoon
That it wasn`t to be so we took our “made in China, under slave conditions” toys to give to Amy and watched as she joyfully opened her presents. There was a nice buffet and the house filled up with her friends and their families. After we talked about how bad the traffic was my conversation dried up. I was asked “If I bet on the horses?” I said “I have no interest in any sport” and that ended that. A fish out of water, or Goths in Awkward Situations sprang to mind. Later Amy blew out the candles on her cake and we went home.

Pic from Google, it might not have been that one.
Part Two Evening
Also pencilled in on the calendar weeks ago was a gig down in Bradford at The Black Swan, Hands of Industry and supported by Dawn of Elysium. I really wanted to get to this and despite felling rather ‘empty headed’ so after a take away and wash I was on my way.

Emma from Dawn of Elysium
Once in the pub I was greeted by Emma and Charles from ‘Dawn’ I sat with them at their table and at once felt totally at ease and at home, Alex come in said Hi and thanked me for going, and asked how I was? I said “I need this to restore my sanity” We talked about everything and the time just few by. Hands of Industry did their sound check, then it was Dawn of Elysium`s turn. Ten minutes later the band was on stage, the rest of us went to the front. All my favourites were played, Doused in Green, Smoke and Mirrors, and after that one Alec said it was “Time for something slower, what time is it Alastair?” I shouted back “LOST AND FOUND” and it was! One of the best songs ever! in my opinion I love it. Yes I danced, the next song was the last.

Dawn of Elysium
I then had a good long talk with the DJ Mark Musolf who goes as far back as I do in the Leeds music scene.

Hands of Industry
Hands of Industry came on and good they were too, but I was still on cloud 9 from Dawn and I had a long drive home so after 3 or 4 songs I left. My ‘batteries fully recharged’


  1. Wow, sounds like an interesting weekend. I know for me personally, having a young child, I often find it difficult to make conversation with the other parents

    1. I don`t do too well in a room full of people I don`t really know.

  2. Sounds like the day ended being pretty awesome.
    Shame about the market though, maybe they'll have it again soon.

    Enjoy thy Easter, good sir.

    1. Yes. all well that ends well as we say. There is another market planed for August. Hope you had a good Easter too.

  3. Bummer about the fairy market... That looks cool. I'm sure your family appreciated you attending the party especially with you bringing a toy :p A few years back I decided that I was no longer going to purchase such toys or gifts for my friends and family. I buy as much local artisan gifts as possible. If they don't like it, too bad.

    Glad your evening event turned out.

    1. There will be more markets / craft fairs etc. we are lucky that way. But as it as now turned out I don`t think I`ll be seeing much more of the in-laws as my step son is now planning to leave his partner. I hope to see Dawn of Elysium again soon.


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