Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Skeletal Family + Grassby & Walker at Korks, Otley

Otley is a small Yorkshire Dale`s town about 4 miles away from where I live. Most of the time the most Gothic thing there is The Navvies Monument next to the church, built to commemorate the 23 men who lost their lives building the Bramhope railway tunnel 1846 – 1849 and is a replica of the northern portal.

The Navvies Monument (Pic not mine, from Google)
But on Friday tonight, Korks Wine Bar played host to two of my favourite Goth bands, all but at “Acoustic” levels. The gig was promoted by my old mate John Keenan, the man who brought Goth to Leeds clubs years before it was named Goth!

Rhombus Acoustic
Edward Grassby and Rob Walker were joined by fellow Rhombus member Andy Holmes to start off what was always going to be a great night. As much as I love a full `elec` set this is the second time I`ve been treated to the acoustic version and I do really like it. We got a fair section of their repertoire but of course with Mya missing we did not have In to the Rain, which is my favourite Rhombus song. Still a marvellous set.

The Skeletal Family
The headliners, The Skeletal Family were represented by singer Anne-Marie Hurst and Stan Greenwood on Guitar This made for a lighter more fun set and a really enjoyable one at that, with original material and covers, a great night.

Anne-Marie Hurst


  1. skeletal family <3 so love the voice and energy of anne-marie hurst!

  2. It was great we were sat right at the front in this small venue.

  3. The Navvies Monument is pretty amazing in itself. An acoustic set is cool... Sounds like a good Friday night.

    1. I`ve been meaning to research and write a full blog on the monument for ages, and yes it was a really good night spent with friends new and old.

  4. Oh, now I got a not so little bit envious on you! Would be lovely to see the Skeletal family!!

    1. I saw them a couple of months back playing full elec set supporting Theatre of Hate, but this was kinder more friendly.


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