Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tia Greyhound Rescue at Otley Show.

Not my Pic.
Otley Show is a local Agricultural show for the small Yorkshire Dales town of Otley, that is, when it started 200 years ago it was for farmers to get together and show off their livestock.

Starting to set up. Pic from Phil, Tia Rescue at Otley Show.
Over the years trade stands were added and it grow to be a family day out with children`s and craft competitions  fun fair and stalls selling just about everything you could think of. I saw Mexican Pizza ovens to plastic gorillas !

Nearly ready. Pic from Phil, Tia Rescue at Otley Show.
 Amongst all this Tia Greyhound Rescue had a stall; this is where I came in.

Just about done. Pic from Phil, Tia Rescue at Otley Show.
I think the show has got to spread out now over 3 or 4 fields a lot of people seemed to be rushing somewhere instead of spending time to look at things. So all in all, not the best days takings, but still every little helps.

Tia Rescue at Otley Show.

Tia Rescue at Otley Show.

A doggie with new coat from Tia

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