Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Time For A New Shed.

My old wooden shed is beginning to rot! Rats have been in, but I think the local cat population have dealt with that problem. So after nearly 17 years it is time for a new one. I don`t want to have to go through all this upheaval again in another 17 years, by then I`ll be 72 so I`m going for a plastic one, which should “See me out”
The old Shed
For the last 2 months I have been trying to sort-out what I can get rid of. That`s harder than it sounds. I have realized that I or we could never empty, demolish, replace and put everything back in it over a weekend. So I have had to buy a small temporary one.

A very small looking box
Worryingly this came in a very small box for an 8 be 6 shed!

Some of the parts
It contained 103 parts / panels and 165 nuts and bolts.
Can you tell what it is yet?
The reviews on Amazon said it took 2 normal people 2 days to make! I did it on my own in 6 hours.  (My wife had gone to see the family for a few days.)

The new shed
Phase two is emptying the old one, I`ll let you know how that goes………….

And a proud owner of a new shed


  1. Nice job, Alastair! It's funny how we start thinking of things to 'see us out' now. Totally at that stage of life. :)

    1. It used to be a joke, but now sadly not.


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