Sunday, 3 May 2015

Viet Bong + The Black Riders Cult + Kittinger Freefall at The Fox and Newt, Leeds

It seems to have been a while since I went to `The Fox` but just getting over a touch of food poisoning I wasn`t going to over indulge in the Brickyard beer tonight.
Joel had also promoted this as “A Black Mass Against the Cuts” being very left wing he doesn`t agree with the current government spending polices. But as a disclaimer quickly added on Facebook, We don't actually even believe in Satan but it can't be any less useful than anything else the movement has done over the last 5 years. It was either that or another march in London.
All proceeds to go to Leeds food banks. No animals or people will be hurt during the event. Sense of humour required and cannot be provided on the door.

The room wasn’t quite open when I got there, but Joel let me in and took my money. My first surprise was his Monk-like robe
Kittinger Freefall
Back to the music, opening act was Kittinger Freefal, described as Post Punk, they are a young band and were adequate for opening.

The Black Riders Cult
I had a quick talk with Jason Smith, The Black Riders Cult vocalist, this would be the third time I`d seen them, they are really becoming one of my new favourite bands now.
Their sound is that of true Goth, not screaming, either the guitars or vocals, it`s deep, dark, clear and meaningful reminds me of something, but I`m not sure what. A false memory from somewhere within. Of Corse when they play Anaconda it takes me back to 1983 and a night in The Warehouse nightclub, but that’s for another day. I love this band`s sound I want a CD when they make one, I hope they include their cover of Wanna Be Your Dog. 
Then The Black Mass itself… well, Joel at his most camp! It went well over the laughing till he kept telling us to “Drink from your chalice” maybe too many times. As he said “If the government falls he can claim it was him, if not we all had a laugh” Yes we did.
The night was rounded off by Joel`s latest band Viet Bong. Rather good guitars and drums.


  1. Sounds like the evening got you in a poetic mood :)

    1. It was a good night, even without been able to drink much.


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