Tuesday, 2 June 2015

When in York. (Do as the Goths Do)

For Spring Bank Holiday we went to York. Chris stopped all week but I had to return home for work and go back for the last weekend.

When in York.
Friday was World Goth Day but, been “The only Goth in the village” I amused myself by having a few beers and talking to my caravanning friends.

Caravanning in York.
York always pulls a lot.

By pure coincidence it turned out that two of my favourite bands were playing in York on the 23rd Chris did not want to go and neither did anyone else on the caravan site.

York`s flood protection meadow
We had a lazy day on Saturday staying on site mostly with a little walk down the city`s flood protection area this is a lovely meadow at this time of year it is full of wild flowers mainly buttercups.

The Expelaires
As I parked my car at The Fulford Arms, 2 of The Expelaires were sat at an outside table enjoying the evening sun we talked for a while then went in to watch the last bit of Rhombus sound check. The Expelaires then did theirs while I talked to Andy from Rhombus. We all (That is Rhombus, their spouses and I) went back outside till we heard The Expelaires start playing.

It was a sad fact that there was not many in the pub, I have seen The Expelaires many times and they are a fine band dating back to the late 70`s the set went quickly and soon Rhombus were on stage, I had asked if they were going to play Into The Rain and was told yes, but for the last time as they were adding new songs to the show.
Rhombus are great, they played a great set and they are great people to talk to, and that was borne out by the comments from them on Facebook the next day. And Martin from The Expelaires.

From Facebook


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! :) Those York laws are a bit disturbing, if no-one has done anything to revoke them. :D

    1. I had a great weekend yes. York goes back to pre-Roman times so there`s so many interesting things and facts.


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