Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Allotment Update

Our Vegetable Allotments` not doing too bad to say that neither of us has had much time there this year.
Brassicas are doing well
Brassicas top to bottom: Cauliflower, Spring Cabbage, Broccoli, Winter Cabbage and Kale.
Potatoes are tidy
Onions coming along
Strawberries have done well
Sweet corn is a bit on the small size for time of year.
Corn on the Cob
But the Leaf Beet (Chard) has run to seed, which is a pity as it is my favourite of all veg.
Leaf Beet (Chard)


  1. Looks good!

    Curious how you prepare leaf beet. I'm a vegetarian and love my vegetables but never think of any leafy as being "a favorite". So now you're piqued my interest.

    1. Anything you do with spinach you can do with Leaf beet, I like it straight form the ground, I just wash it, (although I know it has not been sprayed with anything) roughly shred it and into a large pan with lid for a few minutes over a medium heat, so it steams itself, drain off any remaining liquid. I also like to add garlic and cream (if you use dairy produce) But I won`t tell you it`s nice used as a stuffing in cheap cuts of Lamb.

    2. Ha ha ha I'll give it a try... But leave the lamb for you ;)

  2. Great to get a visit on your allotment garden :-). I started immediately to compare your vegs to mine. Well your kale is doing fine it's a lot larger than mine but the others are surprisingly the same size as mine, your climate is so much warme!. We have had a hell of weather this summer, very cold and rainy. We only had one week of hot weather. Day temperature at best is at 20 C. How has your weather been this summer?

    1. We to have had just a week of really hot weather, the rest not to hot to work in, but a lot of showers and longer rain. I`ve had that much else on I`ve not spent much time there.


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