Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It’s better to always tell the truth

Especially when you could not make up anything better!
Phone rings
Me: hello
It’s Lisa from Renewable Energy.
Me: Yes
Lisa: It’s about solar panels.
Me: I’ve got one, I don’t like them, it blew up my phone charger!
Lisa: Your solar panel blew up my phone charger?
Me: Yes
Lisa: Okay ehhrrr  good bye.
I hadn’t said it was in the caravan.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Pictures of Holiday in Whitby 2015

Here are some pictures from our holiday in Whitby last week.
A distant view of Whitby Abbey from our Campsite
Whitby Abbey
Plaque on the bridge at Egton Bridge
Plaque on the bridge at Egton Bridge
The Largest Leylandii I have ever seen, at Egton Bridge
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On a grave in Lealholm
Me on The Beggars Bridge near Glaisdale
Beggars Bridge near Glaisdale
Cream Tea at The Falling Foss Tea Garden
Cream Tea at The Falling Foss Tea Garden
The~ Falling Foss (Waterfall)
The~ Falling Foss (Waterfall)
When I`m in Whitby I always put flowers on The Sophie Lancaster Monaural Bench.
The Sophie Lancaster Monaural Bench

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Bondville Miniature Village Visit

Sewerby Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK.
Me at Bondville Miniature Village
 On Saturday we went to this, I had not been to a model village since I was about 10.
At Bondville Miniature Village
 The following words are taken from their Face Book Page, but the pictures are mine.
At Bondville Miniature Village
Bondville Miniature Village is a masterpiece of 1/12 scale buildings, built in 1981 by Geoff and Carol Cooper.
At Bondville Miniature Village
Now the fourth owners` with the help from of the original founders are renovating the village back to its former glory
At Bondville Miniature Village
There is incredible attention to detail, with hundreds of handmade and painted character figures. Over 200 individual and unique buildings and carefully crafted scenes of everyday life, all set in a 1 acre garden.
At Bondville Miniature Village

At Bondville Miniature Village

Grooving In Green + October Burns Black + Auger at Carpe Noctum, Leeds

I had looking forward to this gig ever since I knew about it, but on Saturday morning I didn`t feel up to it especially with having to wor...