Thursday, 17 September 2015

Joe Maiden, Sad and shocked to hear of this,

RADIO gardener Joe Maiden, whose sage advice has informed a generation of horticulturists in Leeds, has died following a long battle with prostate cancer, the BBC has announced.
Joe Maiden [Pic form The Yorkshire Evening Post]
12:37 Thursday 17 September 2015

On the air in West Yorkshire for more 40 years, Mr Maiden also wrote for magazines and books, filmed for TV and was active and influential in Yorkshire’s horticulture community.
He was awarded the Harlow Carr medal by The Royal Horticultural Society for his growing, lecturing and exhibitions of vegetables
Mr Maiden, who was most often heard on his Sunday morning programme on BBC Radio Leeds, was born in Penrith and educated at Askham Bryan College in York.

He is survived by a wife, two children and three grandchildren.

I knew Joe quite well, in fact he gave me my first `job` a garden pool, when I started working on my own. I would often pop-in to his nursery in the early days and he would offer advice. Of the `old school`, but a good laugh. RIP pal.

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