Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sacrosanct 2015

 After months of looking forward to this the day finally arrived, this year I was stopping in a hotel which meant I could be as late back as I liked, but it cost quite a bit
 It`s not that I don`t go out much, see a lot of bands, have friends in “the scene” but Sacrosanct is so special it`s beyond everything else I enjoy though the year

Crowd picture I’m in the middle Pic from Sacrosanct
It`s not just the bands, the DJs or the music, it is all that and things like you see people you haven`t seen since last year and it’s like it was only last week. That’s what makes it so amazing
Grooving In Green
So I can`t find the words, here`s some pictures of some of the bands.
Age Of Heaven
To quote DJ Martin Oldgoth “ We are a tribe, a family of misfits that make magic when we gather together.”  And when I read that a tear came to my eye..

Winter Severity Index

The Last Cry  Pic from Michael Nowakowski
Last Dusk
The Last Dance Pic from Sacrosanct
Here is a full list of the bands
Grooving In Green      
Horror Vacui                
Age Of Heaven 
Tanz DJ till                   
Drama Queen             
Winter Severity Index 
The Stompcrash                  
October People
Long Night
The Last Cry               
Last Dusk
Whispers In The Shadow
The Last Dance


  1. Sounds like a family reunion... With a bit of Magic! So glad you enjoyed yourself.

    1. Thank you. The hard part is coming back to reality especially when new pictures are still been put on the FB event page.


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