Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Ghost of Lemora + Red Sun Revival + Hands of Industry at Carpe Noctum, Leeds

So following on from Friday`s night out, Saturday took me to regular club night Carpe Noctum, with again 3 bands for the excellent value of just £5.00, pity the bar isn`t so cheap (or good) I got in just at the start of local band Hands of Industry`s set unusual make up of 2 key board players and a real drummer. All their own songs (I think) but firmly set in the 1980`s reminds me of Depeche Mode and that sort of thing. I liked it.
Hands of Industry
There seemed to be a lot of people there that I knew and the interval few past as we talked.
Red Sun Revival
Red Sun Revival were next up and within about 10 seconds I was a fan. They are not new, but somehow I`d missed them…. Not anymore, they have one of the best Bass guitarists I have EVER seen playing a 5 string bass he was amazing. Now add to that, deep clear vocals an eclectic violin a real drummer and guitar you will see why I added them to my favourite band list.

The Ghost of Lemora
The Ghost of Lemora had the job of following that, and, eh well they were good, but in my opinion they should have been second not headlining still I said they were good, quite upbeat and had a range of styles of music in their set.

After that I was thinking of leaving but got talking to the members of Rhombus, who had some interesting news!  Time seemed to fly and all too soon I had to leave. 2 great nights out in 2 days! I need sleep!

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