Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Adverts For The Nightmare Before Skipton Event

At the start of the month I posted that for Halloween Chris and I would be managing an event for our caravanning group. Well we have been working hard making decorations, games, quizzes and the like. We have also been spamming, I mean advertising it on various places on Facebook so for your amusement here are some of the funnier adverts.
N.B. NONE OF THE ORIGINAL PICTURES WERE MINE; I pinched them off Google / Facebook etc.
Have you seen our bus yet?

What will you be drinking at Halloween ? Spen Valley’s Nightmare before Skipton ALE. Available only at Lockside, Ripon

And finally I asked if the site owners could decorate the room like this for us, this is the Parish in Huddersfield UK
 The mark 2 Poster
Two more, still to go up are

   “The Nightmare before Skipton” * Is to be held at Lockside Caravan Park, Ripon, UK over the Halloween weekend ~ All welcome ~
* Skipton is our groups` last caravanning meet of the year, and this is the one before

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Sisters of Mercy at Leeds 14/10/2015

So it will be about 20 years from the last time that I saw The Sisters of Mercy live, and about the same since I went to a gig at what is now called Leeds Beckett Students Union, we just called it the Uni back then.
Someone said to me “Everyone you know will be here tonight” that was not quite true, even from the scene, and if it were it was so crowded you couldn`t find them all. I did find few friends in the bar area pre start.

The Fan Club poster showing the first Sisters gig ever.
Seeing The Sisters must be like making love ~ you remember the first time but, not the last. I saw The Sisters first gig at The Fan Club in Leeds when they supported Altered Image. From that moment I became a fan of the music. But just as a mother who forever sees their offspring as the little boy or girl they brought into this world, I always think of Andrew Eldrich as the lad who sat behind the DJ’s box at the F Club in the early 80’s we knew as Andy Taylor.

Sisters of Mercy a long time ago.
I didn`t see his face the night that Dead or Alive walked in, I didn`t hear him say he wanted to have his records played on the radio, I never knew let alone tried to understand why he despised the Leeds scene. I do seem to remember him scowling at the people on the dance floor and I guess thinking these live mundane life`s in the daytime but act inane at night. (This of course later was used in Floorshow!)

Sisters of Mercy now (not my pic)
So back to the gig, and where it seems it`s a national pastime or maybe a type of revenge to knock The Sisters, I don`t think for one minute that this tour was just to make money, they simply would not have had such a fantastic light show as they had, that must have cost a fortune. But the sound quality wasn`t all that good where I was standing, the hall was packed and although the aircon was blowing cold at the back it was uncomfortably hot, some managed to dance, I could not. I blame Leeds uni, or whatever it`s called this week for that, not the band.

Sisters of Mercy now
We were treated to a good selection of tunes covering most periods of The Sisters career I was glad to hear, Alice and Body Electric  from the early days. The first encore been 1959, been born in the same year as Andy that goes down well with me. Then came the big guns to conclude with; Vision Thing, Temple of Love and This Corrosion. It was then time to go home. I think that is how Andy wanted it to be.

I would go see them again, but not at the uni.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Nightmare before Skipton, A Halloween event for our caravanning group.

I (we) think enough time as now passed since we left our caravanning group`s committee for us to “do” another event for the group. So despite everything I said about wanting to only be “Just a punter” I (we) have come out of Event Management retirement. All things to one side the campers loved our events and to be honest we liked doing them.  So…..
I present “The Nightmare before Skipton” *
To be held at Lockside Caravan Park, Ripon, UK over the Halloween weekend. The Program will include
Not my Pic. (From Google)
Witches Hat Sorting Game/Quiz:
Hunt out the Witches Hats. (Hidden around the park)
Match names to the numbers. Then answer the question “Which Witches are real and which Witches are fiction”
Pic from Harry Potter Fan Zone
Pumpkin lantern carving:
As it says
Pic from Chasing Dragons
Chris`s Cauldron Raffle:
A Raffle but with added surprise and `camp fun`
Not my Pic. (From Google)
Rap-up the Mummy Game:
Rap your partner in toilet roll till the music stops, whoever is most rapped wins
DJ music sets
That will be me, seeing what I can “Get away with” playing to a very “Old Guard” and mundane crowd
  Halloween themed quizzes
Not my Pic. (From Google)
* Skipton is our groups` last caravanning meet of the year, and this is the one before it

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

More Memoires of Sacrosanct 2015

I like to take snaps of the bands on my phone and post them on FB, I had a comment from one of the DJs I know, Mark Musolf, who said he was still stuck on a train! When he finally arrived it turned out his partner is a second cousin to me. It`s a small world.
Mark and me (His pic)
About to leave on Friday night, in the foyer I got out my map, the doorman asked where I was heading and recommended I used a taxi, I agreed this was the best thing but then he then said “I`ll see you over the road” I`m not 5, but I`m not so old, so I must have been quite drunk ! Anyway I managed !

Not quite like this, but. (Pic from Simone Gasser)
Friday night I had no sleep, traffic, a buzzing noise and far too hot, Saturday I was like death warmed up. Saturday night I did not drink as much, but did try the Caribbean BBQ it was great

The Menu (pic from Sacrosanct)
Sunday breakfast, joined by The Last Dance, who was staying in the same hotel. Sunday lunch, I had with my grandsons and family. My life really is so surreal.
One of the things that makes Sacrosanct different from other festivals is we collect toys and food for a local dogs home.

Some of the dog treats (pic from Sacrosanct)
The CD, I had won in a competition came this week, it came via Switzerland,  just to help keep the happy memories alive

The Road to Sacrosanct CD

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