Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Adverts For The Nightmare Before Skipton Event

At the start of the month I posted that for Halloween Chris and I would be managing an event for our caravanning group. Well we have been working hard making decorations, games, quizzes and the like. We have also been spamming, I mean advertising it on various places on Facebook so for your amusement here are some of the funnier adverts.
N.B. NONE OF THE ORIGINAL PICTURES WERE MINE; I pinched them off Google / Facebook etc.
Have you seen our bus yet?

What will you be drinking at Halloween ? Spen Valley’s Nightmare before Skipton ALE. Available only at Lockside, Ripon

And finally I asked if the site owners could decorate the room like this for us, this is the Parish in Huddersfield UK
 The mark 2 Poster
Two more, still to go up are

   “The Nightmare before Skipton” * Is to be held at Lockside Caravan Park, Ripon, UK over the Halloween weekend ~ All welcome ~
* Skipton is our groups` last caravanning meet of the year, and this is the one before


  1. You've been busy! And look, you have your own double decker bus! LOL

    1. I spend too much time on the computer really

  2. POST SCRIPT: When we got there, the field was waterlogged and un- campable so the weekend was cancelled. We are going to `do` the party in 2 weeks` time at Skipton


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