Wednesday, 7 October 2015

More Memoires of Sacrosanct 2015

I like to take snaps of the bands on my phone and post them on FB, I had a comment from one of the DJs I know, Mark Musolf, who said he was still stuck on a train! When he finally arrived it turned out his partner is a second cousin to me. It`s a small world.
Mark and me (His pic)
About to leave on Friday night, in the foyer I got out my map, the doorman asked where I was heading and recommended I used a taxi, I agreed this was the best thing but then he then said “I`ll see you over the road” I`m not 5, but I`m not so old, so I must have been quite drunk ! Anyway I managed !

Not quite like this, but. (Pic from Simone Gasser)
Friday night I had no sleep, traffic, a buzzing noise and far too hot, Saturday I was like death warmed up. Saturday night I did not drink as much, but did try the Caribbean BBQ it was great

The Menu (pic from Sacrosanct)
Sunday breakfast, joined by The Last Dance, who was staying in the same hotel. Sunday lunch, I had with my grandsons and family. My life really is so surreal.
One of the things that makes Sacrosanct different from other festivals is we collect toys and food for a local dogs home.

Some of the dog treats (pic from Sacrosanct)
The CD, I had won in a competition came this week, it came via Switzerland,  just to help keep the happy memories alive

The Road to Sacrosanct CD


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    1. I guess it`s a kind of escapism, or maybe strange thinks really do happen to me?


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