Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Nightmare before Skipton, A Halloween event for our caravanning group.

I (we) think enough time as now passed since we left our caravanning group`s committee for us to “do” another event for the group. So despite everything I said about wanting to only be “Just a punter” I (we) have come out of Event Management retirement. All things to one side the campers loved our events and to be honest we liked doing them.  So…..
I present “The Nightmare before Skipton” *
To be held at Lockside Caravan Park, Ripon, UK over the Halloween weekend. The Program will include
Not my Pic. (From Google)
Witches Hat Sorting Game/Quiz:
Hunt out the Witches Hats. (Hidden around the park)
Match names to the numbers. Then answer the question “Which Witches are real and which Witches are fiction”
Pic from Harry Potter Fan Zone
Pumpkin lantern carving:
As it says
Pic from Chasing Dragons
Chris`s Cauldron Raffle:
A Raffle but with added surprise and `camp fun`
Not my Pic. (From Google)
Rap-up the Mummy Game:
Rap your partner in toilet roll till the music stops, whoever is most rapped wins
DJ music sets
That will be me, seeing what I can “Get away with” playing to a very “Old Guard” and mundane crowd
  Halloween themed quizzes
Not my Pic. (From Google)
* Skipton is our groups` last caravanning meet of the year, and this is the one before it


  1. Sometimes you just have to take it back over yourself to get anything done, right Alastair? ;) Maybe everybody else was too intimidated by your events to try and attempt one themselves. I'd like to hear your music set! lol

    1. I am the only one in the group with past experience in catering and music promotion, so I guess I had the edge. I will do an after event blog and include a set list.

  2. POST SCRIPT: When we got there, the field was waterlogged and un- campable so the weekend was cancelled. We are going to `do` the party in 2 weeks` time at Skipton


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