Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Show Will Go On. Halloween Resuscitated.

With the  weekend`s planned event cancelled due to the weather, the field was so wet that the site owner would not let cars and caravans on it. It has been agreed that the fun and games will be held in 2 weeks` time at the last meet of the year at Skipton, so as I put it on Facebook
Halloween Resuscitated
New poster, background pic not mine
As the zombied corpse of The Nightmare was pulled into the steaming swamp at Ripon, so it is to be reborn [25 miles west along the A59] at Skipton……………The Nightmare Continues ………… Halloween is resuscitated.......
The resurrection of the cancelled Lockside meet; Planed Program includes; Witches Hat Sorting Game and Quiz - Chris`s Cauldron Raffle - Saturday Supper (everyone bring something) - Music mixing chart Halloween songs with a few Darker records from an Eldergoth DJ - Much silliness, games and Quizzes. This is an App’y Production™ for Spen Valley D.A. Hosted by Chris and Alastair. If you’ve been to one of “ours” before, you’ll want to come to this. If you haven’t then you need to come to this. It’s one to tick off the bucket list. N.B. The weekend will be stewarded by Peter.
Meanwhile Chris has been arty
I will post more, when in a better mood.


  1. Oh no! I hope the weather holds for you this time. :(

    1. Thank you and at least we will be parked on hard ground (The truck parking area) and it`s a better room, with better heating and lights not that I want it too light for my smoke machine and lasers.


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