Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Floods and Rhombus in York December 2015

We had originally planned to take our caravan to York and stay overnight, spending the day in town, have a rest then go to The Fulford Arms for the gig, but when the floods hit Yorkshire and with more forecast we changed plans somewhat.
York in Flood
Plan B. we left home at lunch time and drove to York, to a large Fish and Chip restaurant on the northern ring road. After that we took our car to a “Park and Ride” (You leave your car on the outskirts of town and a bus takes you in to the centre) and spent a couple of hours around this historic city. The floods had gone down a lot but the River Ouse was still over and into a lot of shops, pubs and people`s homes. From the main bridge I took this pic.

York in Flood
By 3 O` clock it was beginning to get dark so we returned to our car and headed to the Fulford Arms. Only to find the A19 road was still closed, a lengthy diversion eventually got us there by 6 O` clock time.
The gig wasn`t due to start till 8, but Andy, Rob and Alixandrea of Rhombus where already there with partners, so we got some drinks and talked, then Ade and Clare arrived, followed by Patrick and his family completing The Lost Souls. We ordered food. Edward`s arrival made Rhombus complete. I don`t think Chris had seen a band set-up and sound check before, and was quite interested in watching the sound engineer`s work.

The Lost Souls
Been surrounded by so many cool people I call friends this was guaranteed to be a great night, and it was! The Lost Souls were on great form Johnny ain`t Coming and Facebook girl been two of my favourites.

Then came Rhombus, It`s no secret that Chris is not into the music the same as me, so with this in mind, I didn`t take my now usual place on the dance floor, but I could not resist dancing luckily there was room where we sat. Again I am a big fan of Rhombus so I loved the whole set from start to finish. I`ll pick What You Wanted, Leave You To Burn, the lovely Shimmer and A Moment Today as my favourites, that is till they played Anywhere and ended with Timeless & Elegant.

Rhombus, (not my pic.)
It always seems to take a while to say all the “Good byes” at the end of a marvellous evening but we had a 30 mile drive home and the wind was getting strong. Till next time…  

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