Saturday, 23 January 2016

Martin Fest 22/01/2016 Leeds

How do I explain to people what a great time I had last night at Martin Fest?
Well make a mix three great bands containing 5 of my friends, get them to play an old favourite song, be surrounded by lots more friends so that the atmosphere is charged by the music, but relaxed and friendly at the same time, add beer brewed by the pub. Maybe then you can start. Watch this taken by Paul.
The Lost Souls with Martin and Andy (My pics were very hazy so I`ve pinched these off Kathryn)
Martin Fest was an event created by legendry Drummer to celebrate his 45th birthday and as a fundraiser for Martin House Children`s Hospice. Three local bands all of which Martin plays in were booked to play, but due to illness one had to cancel at the last minute so The Lost Souls stepped in to open the night.
Although a two piece, Martin joined The Lost Souls on a couple of songs, they were also joined by Andy from the Purity League for their cover of Joy Division`s Shadow Play.

The Xlerators (pinched off Kathryn)
Next up were The Xlerators, who play Punk covers. The whole theme of the evening was mates getting together and having fun, so after a few songs special guests came on stage. Wolfe from The Expelaires added to the guitar sound, which already boosted Andy Holmes from Rhombus! Ade and Patrick from The Lost Souls joined for Transmission, then Mark Wilson of Pink Peg Slax frame Sing Come on Everybody and to round of the set Greg from The Expelaires sang.

The Xlerators with Mark Wilson (pinched off Kathryn)
The Xlerators with Ade (pinched off Kathryn)
That just left Martin`s third band of the night The Expelaires to play the final set.  
The Expelaires (pinched off Kathryn)
What a night I wouldn’t have missed that for the world! In 40 years’ time people who are not yet born will claim they were there!
P.S. We Raised £265

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

1986 And There Were Promises To Be Kept

Mum in the 70`s

Although cancer usually makes its victims lose weight it had the opposite effort on my Mum, and she hated that. I have no pictures of her after the illness kicked in. Instead I prefer to remember like this >
Running parallel to this my relationship with Chris was growing, Mum was not pleased, but as an Aunty said “To your Mum, no one would be right” So I kept quiet. I would have loved for Mum to have met her, but it wasn`t to be, my dad did but not till later. Chris came to my Mum`s funeral but we avoided eye contact.

Vultures` overhead (not my pic.)

As my Mum began to come to terms and accept the inevitable she made me promise two things. Firstly that I would get her a Headstone with her name on it, this was because after my Grandmothers death my Dad never got around to having her name put on her grave`s Headstone, (He did that year and the stonemasons got the date wrong, I later found out)

And secondly not to let the “Vultures” who will turn up after her funeral and start saying “What happen to that necklace? She always wanted me to have it” etc. start picking over her things.

Mum and later Dad`s Headstone

Fast forward to that event, and yes, the distant `aunts` all came, I hadn`t got a clue who they were, but you know the type, the ones that at family Weddings dug you in the ribs and said “You`ll be next”.
And inevitably, after they had eaten the cake and sandwiches, drunk the sherry, eyed up the Whisky (No chance) said the wrong thing to my Dad and I “What hap” I jumped right in “RIGHT THAT`S IT GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE, I PROMISED MY MUM I WOULDN`T LET YOU START SCAVENGING, NOW GET OUT!” my dad tried to pacify me and said I was upset, to which I replied “Of cause I am they are nothing but vultures and grave robbers. NOW GET OUT!!” ……….They left. Promise kept.

We also picked a good Headstone and had it inscribed.

My Nana`s Headstone, with wrong date.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

1986 The Wrong Alterative.

Part 2 of the 1986 story.
In 1986 I worked about 9 miles from the centre of Leeds, in a place called Rawdon, which before Leeds had expanded to such a size was a village in its own right. We `street-wise` ones from Leeds tended to think of the locals as Country bunking’s due to their general lack of modern life and Street Knowledge.
I stopped bleaching my hair!
This came evident by the fact they could not tell one Alterative sub culture from another. True at the time I was somewhere around Post Punk, New Romantic and what was to become Goth. But it turned out they thought I was Gay. Chris told me several years later.
Us about 1990ish
I had long-since become reconciled to believing I was destined to live my life as a solitary person. But (and as if there wasn`t enough going on in my head) by the middle of the year I unexpectedly started to have feelings for one of the people I worked with, so much so I decided to risk making a fool of myself and ask her out for lunch. She accepted. Chris was going through a divorce and so the whole thing was kept top secret from everyone. I thought it was going well, until on our third `date` at a small restaurant in the Dales, Chris said to me “It`s really nice here, you should get a girlfriend and bring her” …………….Hemm, I thought I had?
I started wearing shorts
I told my friend in the music trade about us and he said to bring her to a gig, but that would need baby sitters so I put it off for a long time. That could have been when I discovered that Chris wasn`t really into live music.
Dancing in the rain became fun.
Other things had to change too!;
I started wearing check shirts!
And smart trousers
And shorts in summer
I stopped bleaching my hair!
Live Music became a thing of the past
I / we ate out a lot.
And snow

Monday, 11 January 2016

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Might Have Been Better On A Flow Chart

Trying to put my memoirs of 1986 into Blog form is turning out to be harder than I thought!
I`m working on it but, so many things don`t follow chronological order.
It would have been simpler on a Flow Chart or Spread Sheet.
But not this one
Meanwhile have a listen to what is one of my favourite pieces of music from one of my favourite bands. Follow link and you`ll see why.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

1986 Had Dark Clouds On The Horizon

1986 started like most years in the early 80`s I had a decent job, as Assistant Catering Manager in a small Private Hospital on reasonable money, not that I thought so at the time. The money I earned I could spend on myself. I had a nice car that reflected the time. I liked to do “Touring” holidays.
My Escort Ghia
Every week I would go to a least one concert / gig and buy a couple of albums and several singles, but had already cut down my drinking.
Me in the early 80`s
Outside work I didn`t have many friends It had always been like that, if there had been Facebook, I guess I would have had about 3 none family friends. Basically I was just drifting along.
Mum & Dad in happier times
But there were dark clouds already coming over the horizon. Things were about to change! My mother had been diagnosed with Lung cancer and told she only had about 12 months to live 
Raven Barracks in the Scottish Highlands
In them days chemotherapy was dreadful with days of sickness following every course of treatment. My dad and I wanted to make her last days as good as possible, so we took her on holidays to Scotland etc.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Not The 30 Year Secrey Rule

This year marks 30 years since what was probably the most turbulent and life changing year of my life (1986). I will be releasing certain facts and things from then in due course. Stay tuned in, hang on it will be a bumpy ride.
Me and Daily c the late 80`s


Got my appointment for a Gastroscopy at LGI Friday 4.00pm Chris is away, so cannot have a general. Can`t eat/drink from 8.00 am. Ha...