Wednesday, 20 January 2016

1986 And There Were Promises To Be Kept

Mum in the 70`s

Although cancer usually makes its victims lose weight it had the opposite effort on my Mum, and she hated that. I have no pictures of her after the illness kicked in. Instead I prefer to remember like this >
Running parallel to this my relationship with Chris was growing, Mum was not pleased, but as an Aunty said “To your Mum, no one would be right” So I kept quiet. I would have loved for Mum to have met her, but it wasn`t to be, my dad did but not till later. Chris came to my Mum`s funeral but we avoided eye contact.

Vultures` overhead (not my pic.)

As my Mum began to come to terms and accept the inevitable she made me promise two things. Firstly that I would get her a Headstone with her name on it, this was because after my Grandmothers death my Dad never got around to having her name put on her grave`s Headstone, (He did that year and the stonemasons got the date wrong, I later found out)

And secondly not to let the “Vultures” who will turn up after her funeral and start saying “What happen to that necklace? She always wanted me to have it” etc. start picking over her things.

Mum and later Dad`s Headstone

Fast forward to that event, and yes, the distant `aunts` all came, I hadn`t got a clue who they were, but you know the type, the ones that at family Weddings dug you in the ribs and said “You`ll be next”.
And inevitably, after they had eaten the cake and sandwiches, drunk the sherry, eyed up the Whisky (No chance) said the wrong thing to my Dad and I “What hap” I jumped right in “RIGHT THAT`S IT GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE, I PROMISED MY MUM I WOULDN`T LET YOU START SCAVENGING, NOW GET OUT!” my dad tried to pacify me and said I was upset, to which I replied “Of cause I am they are nothing but vultures and grave robbers. NOW GET OUT!!” ……….They left. Promise kept.

We also picked a good Headstone and had it inscribed.

My Nana`s Headstone, with wrong date.


  1. I guess your mum knew what the aunties were like to have made you make that promise! I'll never in my life get that - I wouldn't want to have anything that hadn't been left to me specifically. Bad karma, that. :(

    1. I think `they` might have been my Dad`s aunties or cousins? I know they used to tease me as a child, so maybe it was always going end badly.

  2. I think it is amazing that you kept your promise, no matter that it seemed odd or aggressive behavior to your dad. :) Looking forward to your next 1986 post!

    1. When I can my head around it again, one more post should conclude the series. Thanks for reading.


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