Thursday, 7 January 2016

1986 Had Dark Clouds On The Horizon

1986 started like most years in the early 80`s I had a decent job, as Assistant Catering Manager in a small Private Hospital on reasonable money, not that I thought so at the time. The money I earned I could spend on myself. I had a nice car that reflected the time. I liked to do “Touring” holidays.
My Escort Ghia
Every week I would go to a least one concert / gig and buy a couple of albums and several singles, but had already cut down my drinking.
Me in the early 80`s
Outside work I didn`t have many friends It had always been like that, if there had been Facebook, I guess I would have had about 3 none family friends. Basically I was just drifting along.
Mum & Dad in happier times
But there were dark clouds already coming over the horizon. Things were about to change! My mother had been diagnosed with Lung cancer and told she only had about 12 months to live 
Raven Barracks in the Scottish Highlands
In them days chemotherapy was dreadful with days of sickness following every course of treatment. My dad and I wanted to make her last days as good as possible, so we took her on holidays to Scotland etc.


  1. First, oh my word, look at handsome little you!

    I'm so sorry to read about your mom. They really should live forever especially when they're good. Virtual Hug! I completely respect what your dad and you did... I can't imagine a prettier place to go on holiday.

    1. Thank you, there is a whole lot more to come out about that year yet.

  2. I am sorry for your mom. I had no idea your year 1986 would begin with such grief. But I think it is beautiful you decided to enjoy the life that was still left and I look forward to read more! :)

    1. Thankyou things get a lot more complex

  3. That must have been tough to get that news when you were so young ... :(

    1. There`s never a good or right time to loose a parent, but I didn`t think I`d only be 27.


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