Wednesday, 13 January 2016

1986 The Wrong Alterative.

Part 2 of the 1986 story.
In 1986 I worked about 9 miles from the centre of Leeds, in a place called Rawdon, which before Leeds had expanded to such a size was a village in its own right. We `street-wise` ones from Leeds tended to think of the locals as Country bunking’s due to their general lack of modern life and Street Knowledge.
I stopped bleaching my hair!
This came evident by the fact they could not tell one Alterative sub culture from another. True at the time I was somewhere around Post Punk, New Romantic and what was to become Goth. But it turned out they thought I was Gay. Chris told me several years later.
Us about 1990ish
I had long-since become reconciled to believing I was destined to live my life as a solitary person. But (and as if there wasn`t enough going on in my head) by the middle of the year I unexpectedly started to have feelings for one of the people I worked with, so much so I decided to risk making a fool of myself and ask her out for lunch. She accepted. Chris was going through a divorce and so the whole thing was kept top secret from everyone. I thought it was going well, until on our third `date` at a small restaurant in the Dales, Chris said to me “It`s really nice here, you should get a girlfriend and bring her” …………….Hemm, I thought I had?
I started wearing shorts
I told my friend in the music trade about us and he said to bring her to a gig, but that would need baby sitters so I put it off for a long time. That could have been when I discovered that Chris wasn`t really into live music.
Dancing in the rain became fun.
Other things had to change too!;
I started wearing check shirts!
And smart trousers
And shorts in summer
I stopped bleaching my hair!
Live Music became a thing of the past
I / we ate out a lot.
And snow


  1. I adore the way you write this, so calm yet beautiful, and with funny little details! :)

    1. Well thank you; I wonder what my old English teachers would have thought? They never liked anything I wrote back then.


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