Monday, 11 January 2016

A True Icon.

Possibly my favourite Bowie track. Well one of



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    1. So many, you don`t realize my big a part he played in our lives

    2. Very true. On a different topic I have a question for you: Did you go to Whitby back in October? The reason I ask is because I was watching a video today called "The Deepest Dark Goths of Whitby." At one point, I thought I saw you in the video.

    3. Yes I did, but very briefly, not in the daytime. I did the 162 mile round trip on the Thursday night to see The Last Cry play an acoustic set at The SOPHIE charity do. It seemed a bit mad, but it was worth it, not only to see the band again but also to catch up with friends I don`t often see locally.

      Now, RE the video, sorry and I don`t want to fall out or coarse offence I know you are 6,000 miles away. I have now watched it, the people in it, were, shall we say, not Goths, some may be Steampunks, or into Cosplay, but will almost certainly know nothing about the scene past or present. They are a selection of the general public who twice a year like to dress up, be photographed and walk around Whitby, maybe they do have very boring lives and this is escapism for them? A lot of the DJs really do not like this as it is a music festival, not a parade. I honestly do not know were my thoughts are on the matter. I also had a look at “The deepest dark Goths of Whitby” Facebook group and it has no members who are prominent in the Goth scene. Eg DJs, Promoters or Band members that I am FB friends with.


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