Saturday, 23 January 2016

Martin Fest 22/01/2016 Leeds

How do I explain to people what a great time I had last night at Martin Fest?
Well make a mix three great bands containing 5 of my friends, get them to play an old favourite song, be surrounded by lots more friends so that the atmosphere is charged by the music, but relaxed and friendly at the same time, add beer brewed by the pub. Maybe then you can start. Watch this taken by Paul.
The Lost Souls with Martin and Andy (My pics were very hazy so I`ve pinched these off Kathryn)
Martin Fest was an event created by legendry Drummer to celebrate his 45th birthday and as a fundraiser for Martin House Children`s Hospice. Three local bands all of which Martin plays in were booked to play, but due to illness one had to cancel at the last minute so The Lost Souls stepped in to open the night.
Although a two piece, Martin joined The Lost Souls on a couple of songs, they were also joined by Andy from the Purity League for their cover of Joy Division`s Shadow Play.

The Xlerators (pinched off Kathryn)
Next up were The Xlerators, who play Punk covers. The whole theme of the evening was mates getting together and having fun, so after a few songs special guests came on stage. Wolfe from The Expelaires added to the guitar sound, which already boosted Andy Holmes from Rhombus! Ade and Patrick from The Lost Souls joined for Transmission, then Mark Wilson of Pink Peg Slax frame Sing Come on Everybody and to round of the set Greg from The Expelaires sang.

The Xlerators with Mark Wilson (pinched off Kathryn)
The Xlerators with Ade (pinched off Kathryn)
That just left Martin`s third band of the night The Expelaires to play the final set.  
The Expelaires (pinched off Kathryn)
What a night I wouldn’t have missed that for the world! In 40 years’ time people who are not yet born will claim they were there!
P.S. We Raised £265


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