Sunday, 10 January 2016

Might Have Been Better On A Flow Chart

Trying to put my memoirs of 1986 into Blog form is turning out to be harder than I thought!
I`m working on it but, so many things don`t follow chronological order.
It would have been simpler on a Flow Chart or Spread Sheet.
But not this one
Meanwhile have a listen to what is one of my favourite pieces of music from one of my favourite bands. Follow link and you`ll see why.


  1. That song is really good, the atmosphere and the sound just swept over me! :)

    1. I`d seen local to me band Dawn of Elysium a couple of times before the time that Lost and Found totally blew my mind, I always like to talk to and thank bands after a good show and I told Alex how much I liked that song. The next gig of theirs Alex said “This one`s for Alastair” and he still does, which is cool and embarrassing at the same time. I now count all of them, Emma, Charles and Alex, as my personal friends.

  2. My favorites stories are never in chronological order ;)


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