Friday, 12 February 2016

Bits of Lawnswood Cemetery

I had a bit of daylight to spare today on my way home so I called in at Lawnswood Cemetery again. After visiting my parent`s grave I had a walk around the older parts.
2 Graves for one person.
Firstly to the 1930`s bit where I came across this and asked myself “Why does anyone need two graves?”
1 of 2 Graves
  For some reason,
John Edward Anthony Harrington Fairfax did.
2 of 2 Graves
  In an even older part where many of the graves date back to Victorian times, the ones next to the roadways are kept (sort of) clear.
Part of the Victorian part at Lawnswood Cemetery
But there is another row behind, some of which are totally overgrown!
It`s in there somewhere you can just see the railings. In Lawnswood Cemetery
The last 3 months have been the wettest on record and all that rain as soften the ground to such a point that headstones are falling over. This is very sad.
A sad sight of fallen Headstones at Lawnswood Cemetery


  1. That's a beautiful cemetery!

    I wonder are the two graves from the same period. I've seen some around here with two stones but one is always old and practically illegible while the new one has been provided by family members so that one can read the message from the old stone.

    1. The small stone on the left looks newer, but it`s on the next plot, not the old plot. What you suggested makes really good sense about losing the writing. It looks like his mother has been added to the main grave later. I go in Lawnswood all the time and must have passed that often but not noticed it before.

  2. FriendsoflawnswoodcemeteryTuesday, 01 March, 2016

    Just to say that the fallen headstones have nothing to do with the wet weather in this case, it is the result of a deliberate act of vandalism in March 2011. That prompted the formation of the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery. One of our main objectives is to restore the area when we have enough funds.
    Amongst many other activities we have an Action Day on the first Saturday of every month when our volunteers work wonders trying to keep up with nature!
    We are always looking for new volunteers! Please have a look at at our face book page....

    1. Indeed I will, although many of my family are in Lawnswood it would not be my first choose of final resting place, but it is nice to know it is well cared for. I wish I could say the same for a lot of the cemeteries that I visit but I guess that`s the up side to been in a largely populated area.


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