Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Quarry Hill Flats, A Dark Place?

This is my Aunty Walker, or more accurately my Great Aunty. I never knew her first name, children didn`t refer to that generation by first names in them days. I only knew her briefly; she passed in the early 60`s when I would be about 5 or 6, and although I won`t go as far as to say she frightened me I don`t remember feeling relaxed when visiting her, looking back this could have had more to do with where she lived rather than with her.

Aunty Walker, on holiday, it said on the back of the photo.
Aunty Walker lived in a massive, dark, satanic housing complex in Leeds city centre called Quarry Hill Flats, built in 1938 to replace some of the worst slums in Leeds that had no proper sanitation.

Quarry Hill Flats (not my pic)
My personal memoirs of the flats was it was all in black and white, honestly when you were outside them, stood in Eastgate the sun could be shining there were green buses and yellow flowers, but as soon as you went through the big arch everything was just various shades of grey, as if all the life, soul and colour had been sucked out of the place. Of course there are only black and white photos from then, but it all seemed so depressing. I remember when my Mum and Aunties had to clear her flat afterwards that my Mum said they found so many Bibles, maybe that was a sign of different times or maybe my Great Aunty felt she needed protection from something?

A kitchen (not my pic)
Due to social problems and poor maintenance, Quarry Hill Flats were demolished in 1978 and were eventually replaced by the equally depressing Quarry House, home to several government departments.

A living room (not my pic)
I was the sous chef there for 14 months before my health took a turn for the worse and despite having Doctors notes I was sacked by the catering contractor who employed me. So maybe there is still something dark, satanic about Quarry Hill?

Quarry House (not my pic)
For more views on Quarry Hill you might find this page interesting


  1. What an ominous and creepy place! I like the way you write about your memories. :)

    1. It was but a lot better than what it replaced, and thank you.


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