Wednesday, 30 March 2016

It Got Worse !

Below is an extract form an early post I wrote about a garden I did some work at. I only did a few visits and never had any more coffee.
“As a Freelance Private Gardener I sometimes work at some really nice homes, some of the gardens I have created from scratch (One has featured in Yorkshire Life) and some I can only claim to maintain.
Last month I did some work at a house like you see on the tele. It was a “Clearance” job; the grass was two feet high and a Rose bush was about 12 by 12 foot. The Lady brought me out a coffee. Latter I had to go inside for water for the weed killer I then wished I had not had the coffee! The kitchen walls were black with plaster falling off. The floor was full of empty, but not washed milk bottles the whole place was filthy and made me feel sick! TV program yeh ~ Grime busters ~ I could taste the coffee all night. I used Listerine and had a few Whiskies but I could still taste it. That never happened to Alan Titchmarsh!”
The House, pic taken from google street view 2014
Six years later and I have been told that she has died. Apparently her neighbours called the police when so many blue bottles were seen at the windows, they broke down the door and found her, I`ll leave the rest to your imagination. With no family I don`t know what will happen to the house, but I wouldn`t want it.

Pic not mine

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