Monday, 7 March 2016

Joel`s Birthday Bash at Bad Apples Rock Bar

Friday night was Joel`s Birthday Bash, held at Bad Apples Rock Bar in Leeds city centre. I arrived just after eight O` clock and headed down stairs to where the party was been held. Joel had asked for donations for one of his favourite charities in lieu of presents, but the `Birthday Boy` does deserve a drink. As I peeled off layers of outdoor clothing I met Howard and went back up two flights of stairs to the little boys` room calling at the Bar on the ground floor on the way back where I had a quick chat with most members of Rhombus who were headlining the night.

Joel and AMereKat

It was soon time for the first act and we were treated to AMereKat who lived up to her billing as “A dazzling combination of humour and macabre!” I`ve seem Kat before and are really getting in to the ukulele covers of Goth classics mixed with her own songs. Timing is everything and I love the way Kat pretends to get lost half way through a song and side-talks to the audience Shakespeare stile. For her last number she was joined on stage by Joel and together did a killer version of Toto`s Africa………… What could go wrong?
Action Directe
Middle band was one of Joel`s own Action Directe, described as `Cyberpunk` are a bit faster, louder and I guess more heavy than Quasimodo,  anyway by the time we all sang Happy Birthday  nobody least of all Joel, cared.

During the break Andy from Rhombus introduced me to their newest member `live` drummer Lee Talbot. I said to Rob that I had to leave at ten past eleven at the very latest to get the last bus home and so I if miss the end of their set I apologise in advance. To which he replied “We better get on with it then” and they did. Is the any wonder why I love these guys so much?

So do I really need to tell you how much I enjoyed their set? Well yes because with `live` drums the odd extra little beat here and there has taken the music  to a new level, one I thought it didn’t need to go to before. From the first note of the first song I could not keep still, few bands have that effect on me but Rhombus certainly do. It`s always hard when you are enjoying yourself to think about the time, but I could see the set-list and was confident I would be able to stay to the end. `Anywhere` came and my arms were in the air (as I always do) finally and sadly `Timeless and Elegant` signalled the end. Edward came off stage and I thanked him for finishing at five past eleven “Always pleased to help” he smiled. I thanked the rest of the band and said good bye to Joel and other friends. 

This had been one of those rare, special, magical nights, not just the music, the fun, the beer. No more than that!  About half the people in the room were my friends, but it felt like everyone was a friend! And so at the end of the night I felt a kind of reluctance to out into the outside world.

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