Wednesday, 9 March 2016

St Patricks Day Celebrations


So with just over a week till St Patricks Day, Chris and I have *once again* stepped out of Event Management retirement to `do` another event for our caravanning group. This time it will be a case of all things (nearly) Irish.So basically what we have planned is;

N.B. the following pictures are not mine !

Top of the Bill will be Chris`s “Luck of the Irish raffle” She has already been getting Irish themed prizes, some good, some funny….. Be warned!!

Chris as also made a game similar to Battleships she is calling Find the Leprechaun. A board with grid squares will be passed around the room and people will pick a numbered square for 50p. Then a number will be drawn out of a bag and whoever picked that square wins. Money raised will be equally divided between the winner and the group`s charity which this year is for Breast Cancer.
I have found a quiz about Ireland

Bingo. There has to be with this group, it`s the only way to avoid a riot! And Throughout the night I will be playing music that as some sort of rough connection to Ireland, The Undertones, Thin Lizzy and Stiff Little Fingers, or perhaps not?

We are encouraging Fancy Dress and there will be a prize for the best.

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