Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Psychedelic Furs ~ A 36 Year Late Review.

(Well there was no internet in 1980)
Way back in the winter of 1980 I was working up in Scotland at The Coylumbridge Hotel. This was my first time living away from home, and it was going fairly well, actually it was all “bed and work” 4 split shifts and one breakfast early per week. After about 6 weeks I returned home for a Holiday.
The Coylumbridge Hotel.
Naturally that included my normal Thursday night out to The F Club and that night was The Psychedelic Furs. I can`t remembers all that many details, the room was packed, I was at the back, the sound wasn`t what we`d expect today, but I loved it. It was as if this was a whole new type of music such a fresh sound not Punk, not (Hard) Rock and yet not Pop.
F Club flyer from that time
The set started with an intro tape and the band joined in with the album opener India, and I remember they finished as does the album with Flowers and the band left the stage one by one till only Vince Ely the drummer remained and he knocked over his drum kit and left. WOW it was great. I don`t remember there been any records for sale, but I did buy a tee shirt.
Not my Pic.
A few days later I had to go back to Scotland. That was a 9 hour train journey with a 1 ¾ hour wait in Edinburgh, which time I used to go to Virgin Records on Princess Street and buy their album on cassette! I only had a small cassette player in my room at the hotel and I had taped loads records to take up with me. I licensed to the album loads and began to be obsessed My favourite tracks soon becoming Sister Europe, Fall and Wedding Song. And later Flowers.

Me in my 2nd Psychedelic Furs tee shirt about 1982ish
But the more I played it, the more homesick I became, not so much for my parents or even home luxuries like my washing been done by Mum, but for the nightlife. I waited till April, left, and came home. Normal Thursday nights out returned The DJ liked to play the single We Love You and the B side Pulse, I would dance. I danced a lot in them days I was younger and my knees were fine, out till two AM up again by six AM no trouble.
I pinched this pic from allposters.com
The Psychedelic Furs played Leeds again but at the much larger venue Tiffany`s and the next album Talk Talk Talk was released in 1981, this time I got it on vinyl. My original cassette was eaten by a player sometime and I re-brought it on vinyl. This week I re-brought it again now on CD. Some things ARE timeless.
Not my Pic.
On Saturday night at my local Goth Club, Carpe Noctum, the DJ played Pretty In Pink from Talk Talk Talk and I danced.

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