Thursday, 5 May 2016

I know Dreams Are Unreal But.

Last night I had a rather strange dream, it could have been about real things, but in I guess a parallel universe.

It started in a pub, which brewed its own real ale, so could have been The Fox and Newt, but wasn`t. It was more open.

I seemed to know lots of people in there, but they weren`t my real friends.

Music started playing and I said “Oh great Floorshow, I love to dance to this”, but it wasn`t and I didn`t dance in my dream.

I went outside; it was light but the street lights were on.

I walked up a road, looking for a take-away, of which there were lots, but I didn`t go in any.

I was in a seaside town and it was it was full of Goths, so you think Whitby, but no it was flat, open and very rundown.

I was walking up the main road and there was a caravan site it was surrounded on three sides by a high wall with a wire fence to the road, a bit like the one at Seaburn, but in it was just one old car, a mk. 3 Cortina.

Now I was eating some chips, it was dark, and I was looking for my car.

At that I woke up.

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