Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bit of a cheek

Back in May 2013, I was asked if I wanted a day`s work at a garden up in the beautiful Dales village of Kettlewell. I was going to blog about it, but that night I went to a Bad Pollyanna gig and forgot about work.

The lawn took 3 cuts to get to anything like medium-short!
It was for a friend of a client so even though the village is over 40 mile from my home I decided to do it. There was talk of follow-up visits I said a day a month, but the client never confirmed anything so I took it that, that was that.

At Kettlewell
Then today I received an email from him asking “If I could cut his lawn this week, preferably on Thursday? I will need a strimmer as it`s quite long.” I answered “no” well I explained I was fully booked up for the season. Do people think that I`m just sat at home waiting for the phone to ring, or what!

At Kettlewell
The job was a bit of a clearance rather than a full make-over and I took it the style was a “Country Gothic” it was in the country and had plenty of mature, moss covered trees.

At Kettlewell
I did clear 3 bags of moss off the paths and paving

At Kettlewell moss covered trees

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