Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Introduction to Live Music Back In 1979.

Way back in 1979 my only connection to `live music` was reading Pop Post in the local newspaper on a Tuesday night!  I was working most nights till midnight in a Hotel. Finally I decided to go down into town to The F Club and see a live band. I don`t know who they were, but I must have liked it because I was back the next week to see the Pirahnas and the Abrasive Wheels. The next week it was Destroy All Monsters. So it went on including:-
UK Subs
The Cramps
The Fall
Generation X
John Copper Clarke
The first flyer I was given at The F Club in 1979
At the end of 1979 John (The Promotor) printed this one 
The first 1980 Flyer from The F Club

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